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A Chronological Review and Analysis of ET Contactee

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Is it difficult for you to consider the UFO/ET phenomenon?       

     For those who dismiss the UFO and ET contact phenomena without reasonable investigation, Aristotle had a thought:

     "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

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Excerpt from



In my new book, Evolution: Coming to Terms with the ET Presence, I have presented a comprehensive view of the extraordinary paranormal UFO and ET contacts that I have personally experienced during my lifetime. Ultimately, I cannot determine the absolute nature of these experiences nor how or why they have happened to me. Finding resolution was a challenging process that took many years, but eventually opened my eyes to a new and greater reality.


In Evolution, Coming to Terms with the ET Presence, I have detailed the most significant events and included 50 illustrations, my evaluation process, and overall hypothesis regarding the UFO and ET phenomenon.

    It was late on the evening of June 15, 1991, when Nadine and her friend, Pamela, pulled into the empty lot of Banjo Bill Park in Sedona, Arizona. After the long drive from California, they planned to sleep in the van and then head into town the next day. Sometime after midnight, Nadine awoke to the sound of people outside walking around the vehicle. Alarmed, she quickly sat up, and a moment later, the rear door of the vehicle opened lighting up the interior. Reaching toward her was a thin grey arm and a hand with only three fingers and a thumb!  



A Synopsis of 25 Cases of Close Encounter
by Barbara Lamb, MS and Nadine Lalich

   My first book about the UFO/ET phenomenon, Alien Experiences, was co-written with psychotherapist, Barbara Lamb, and we offered a relatively short review of 25 ET contact cases, including my own. 


   Simply put, there IS a way for anyone to investigate a challenging subject, without making it your own or threatening your current view of reality. Healthy human beings flow, expand and are adaptable when necessary. Our comfort zone can protect us or hold us back. If we do want to grow in understanding of this amazing world of which we are a part and also contribute in a positive way, absorbing new ideas is essential. Yet, we must find a balanced pace that works for us individually so that we do not find ourselves in information overload. In that case, we will slam the door to new experiences and return to our familiar comfort zone, potentially stunting our personal growth. To begin, emotional detachment is a good first step, as is recognizing there is nothing that I need to "do" with the information other than "ponder." Initially, I try to see it as information, and not label it as good or bad, right or wrong - just a "tool" for building a hypothesis. I have no need to commit to long-term acceptance. This has allowed me to go places in consciousness and personal growth where I had previously feared to tread. As a result, I have grown by leaps and bounds in many areas of my life.

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