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name = wfb
Comments:  I recently read your book and, naturally, am interested in the subject.  Over the years, I have read and heard of stories of abductions by extraterrestrials in our country and abroad.  I do not believe that I have been able to obtain a handle on this particular part of the overall subject of the UFO phenomenon.

In the early and mid-1970's, I was a Minuteman III nuclear missile launch officer with the 320th Missile Squadron of the 90th Strategic Missile Wing of the Strategic Air Command, U.S. Air Force, at F.E. Warren AFB, Cheyenne, Wyoming.  This was during the height of the cold war with the Soviet Union and Red China and the missile business was taken very seriously then.

It was during my younger days at SAC in Cheyenne, Wyoming that I experienced some very interesting UFO incidents that took place there, during those years, in and around the nuclear missile base and its newly installed Minuteman III missiles.  Most of the news was covered up by the senior officers and the very strict regimen of SAC.  Because of how serious the senior officers approached the incidents, I became interested in the subject and read and researched for information from other bases and the public at large.  Much of the USAF information was difficult to obtain by a junior officer such as myself, but I did learn quite a bit.  No, I have not had any abduction experiences, yes, I have seen UFOs, and yes I have seen how the military handles and regards the UFO up close.

Regarding the abduction experience by certain individuals in the U.S., it appears in the book that you are able to obtain the complete recollection by the individual of their experience with the ETs.  These recollections are obtained through hypnotic regression where normal memory does not work.  If the ETs block the normal memory process, yet you are able to bring out the memory of this event through hypnotic regression, this would then present a standard question to all.  If various races have been visiting for thousands of years and by now, must know everything there is to know about the human species, would not they be very familiar with human hypnotic regression?  Why bother with the ruse of blocking normal memory when they know that you can just release the information through your process?

If these type of abductions are taking place throughout the U.S., and many average, honest citizens of the U.S., are being taken against their will, then this would be the story of the century, last and present.  Also, it would seem probable that (someone) knows about these occurrences are taking place throughout the country.  This someone may be or would be a highly select, secret group within the government or military.  Some secrets can be kept in the United States, I have seen this myself.  It is difficult to believe that such a group is allowing these events to take place.  However, if such a group is either purposefully allowing these abductions for selfish, insidious reasons, or, more likely, that they have been informed that they have no choice but to allow the abductions to take place, then we are all in serious trouble for our future.  In either event, it is very scary for the human race.

Provided, that what is revealed in these hypnotic regressions is what is actually happening to these people, then it is time for all of us to be on our guard.



name = JTF

Comments:  I have had encounters since age of five and continued sightings up to the present. I have five children who also experience sightings of UFO's. I am Native American and would like to offer experience from the Native American stand point along with stories from tribal members of the Northern Cheyenne nation in Montana. I have knowledge of alien interaction with Natives and visions of the future. It would be good to talk with people who have information concerning signs/symptoms of abduction. My family will sometimes awake with strange bruises and burns that do not hurt to touch but look like they should. I live in Lame Deer Montana and we have class one air which allows an unrestricted view of the sky in the evenings. I have photos and video of craft and strange animal behavior when said craft are present.


name = SH
Comments:  I'm a sane forty seven year old house wife. I have a 25 year old son and a 28 year old daughter. I'm married and the proud mother of triplets. Who are now nine years old.  I've never told anyone about my experience till now.

It was May 2004 my daughter and mother had just left to go shopping the triplets were in bed it was around 8:00 pm I was doing the laundry and watching Seinfeld on TV and laughing I remember I had a laundry basket in my hands and came out of the bedroom past the foyer. When I suddenly dropped my basket and my head jutted upward and my arms were straight down at my sides I could not move. I saw in my mind’s eye a ship over me I could see the bottom of it so clearly and heard the sound of it opening it's as if I was outside standing in the grass. All the while aware that I was standing in my foyer. Seconds later I could move then it felt as though some one was physically doing something to my brain spinning and spinning. I remember thinking their doing something to my brain. Are they killing me? Right before my head stared spinning I thought I saw a figure in front of me at the doorway But I was so frighten I can't be sure. That experience will stay with me throughout my life and I hope it never happens again.     


name = JS

Comments: Yes, I would like to state that over the period of years that I have lived in Raymore, Mo. that I have seen at least 40 UFO's. However there has been certain events before seeing that that I know are totally unique to me but do not know the reasons why but I do have proof of everything that has happened before seeing objects at night and during the day and other things to tell that the list is extremely long to tell. I am very serious about what I am saying and what I have seen I wasn't always alone. I do have some proof that I know there is further connections that must lead to something more than just me, there is a puzzle to be solved and I feel like I am part of that piece. I think I can much better explain by answering any questions you may have. I hope that you may contact me because I know what I have to say I know that I am the only person with the kind of proof that is geographical and eventful. Thanks for offering this website, I am not seeking anything out of this, I just know that what I have to say is only unique to myself but do not know what it all means.  Thanks  JS


name = J

Comments:  Hello, I've had 2 encounters with greys, both were out-of-body experiences and I saw them doing things to my body. The second wasn't anything too specific as it was a short grey (about 2.5-3 feet tall) doing something to the back of my head and he flew into the wall afterwards as I saw my body get up into my "consciousness." But the first was very odd as I was floating above myself with 3 taller (7 feet tall about) greys pointing very long fingers to my body. From their fingers were colors I've never seen in this world and the colored light was connecting to what looked like a blue emerald/diamond shaped object in my chest, this happened for maybe 2 minutes before it ended. What's even odder is that the following day I flew with my dad to FL for a few days to see family, and in airport security, I went off for metal. I took everything off and the machine kept going off. So 2 security guards took me to the side with the baton metal detectors. Their devices went off over my chest, and I lifted up my shirt and they still went off over my bare chest. They just looked at themselves and me and my dad as all 4 of us were confused and they let us go. However when leaving FL and coming back home, when going through the same kind of security devices at the airport, nothing went off in those. I've emailed others asking if they're ever heard of such things happening like this with others as I'm just really curious to what the heck that was in my body and what they could have been doing. If anyone has any sort of advice or can recommend me to go to send this to anyone else please let me know. Thanks – J


name = SG

Comments:  I enjoyed hearing you on George Noory's show recently. Many years ago I was asleep in bed. I awoke to my dog's whimpers. My room was filled with bright white light. I could not move and was fearful but was overcome by a need to fall asleep. When I awoke the next morning, a 1/4 inch perfectly round plug of skin was missing from my leg just above my ankle. Was I implanted during this experience? I remember a possible visitation as a small child, then only until I moved to Taos, NM twenty years ago have I experienced many varied UFO sightings, some in broad daylight, mostly at night. Thank you for any information or links you might provide to me!


name = G

Comments:  I am 41 and all my life I have had dreams about UFOs and aliens, but lately a lot more of them and of mass uncloakings and dreams of me in different ships.
I don't remember ever being in a ship in a conscious state, or ever being touched by aliens.
Also lately as I wake up either in the middle of the night or morning, I have different visual distortions like seeing myself coming back through a light tunnel or I can make out a bunch of different alien faces looking at me or looking at one another. The most common distortion I see is billions of little bright lights lining up like DNA floating around the room or geometric shapes shifting.
One recent dream I had was that I was seeing a vision of an alien piloting a small ship and he said I am directly above you, then I felt a very strong, strange pulling feeling in my solar plexus and I woke right up.


I do get lots of lucid dreams were I can control them and I start trying to show people how to fly around with just their mind control or I just fly all over the world and in deep space as fast as I want.
I have lots of dreams written down and lately they are making a lot more sense but I would like to know if I am an actual contactee.


 name = E
Comments:  One night I was going to bed and put on my sleep apnea mask and fell asleep instantly; I never fall asleep that fast. In fact, I can’t sleep until about 5 am or later, but then I was awakened and saw three or four people or something. I tried to get up, but couldn't so I tried to buck my body. I looked at them and that's all I remember until I woke up. I was on my stomach, but I never sleep on my stomach and my arms were stretched out. Another time I went to bed on my right side looking at the wall and was still but not asleep. It seemed like the bed was tilting and I was sliding off the bed and there was a white light around me. I peeked as I was not scared and it rotated me and pulled me toward the window.  I think I was about 4 feet off the ground and when I got to the window I got scared I would fall so I put my right leg down. In a snap I was back in my bed. I know it was not a dream and I was not a sleep.


I was in the U S Army Infantry 1982-1986 and after I was out one of my friends told me I said I had guarded an alien when I was in the service.  I never remembered telling him this and I don't tell something unless it is true. Also a few years ago after the army my dog was barking and I went outside. It was late, after 12 am, and there was a black helicopter over my house. You could not hear any rotor noise. I got scared and went in the house. I reviewed the questionnaire and these apply to me 4,8,13,16,17,18,21,23,26,27,28,29,34,36,37,39,45,58,63,69. Also, every night I say my prayers and ask God to keep the aliens away. It seems to work, but I don't like to go to sleep before daylight. I’m just wondering if this is abduction or something else. I don't want anyone to know this they may think I am strange.  

 name = S
Comments:  Dreams? When I was a little girl (4 to 6 years old) I was lived with my grandmother in Arizona.  Always waking up with bruises on my arms, and legs.  Some of the bruises resembled finger tips.  Once I told Grandma.  She said it was the devil to punish bad children.  So I didn’t tell her much more about the bruises.  Grandma would make me take naps in the afternoons.  I hated to sleep because I would always see a spiraling circle above me.  I didn’t understand why this scary spiraling circle would always appear.  Don’t remember much about my dreams but always woke up anxious.

At night sometimes my dreams would include being in the desert with my grandmother, uncles and aunt.  Other strangers would also appear, we would be in the desert waiting for something to happen.  I remember asking why we were there.  Someone said that we were told to be there and we had to be stay there and wait till they (?) came.  He said there was no choice.  I tried arguing with him.  We had to stay.  Then the lights would come.  They would come in twos, following each other.  I didn't understand why I couldn't see anything else but the lights coming towards us. I remember people scattering, trying to hide in the thin bushes.  We could hear in the silence when someone had been taken and whoever would whisper about who had been taken then he/she would also disappear.  Don't know how we got there and don't know how we would got back.  I once complained to Grandma about it and she said they were just cars and not to worry.  The dreams didn’t scare me after that. 

My grandma didn't have a TV, no in-house toilet, no air conditioning, and slept on the floor or on a cot.  But strangely enough one afternoon I remember sitting down in the living room to watch TV.  And what I saw was weird.  It was a strange movie because I was in it.  It looked like it was in the 1800's because of the clothes the people were wearing.  The women that passed by wore long cotton dresses, and the men wore suits.  There was a large dorm looking house (hotel?) with about four floors across the street.  I found myself in the house, and the people in the house were afraid.  I asked why they were afraid, and a man said that people kept disappearing, and no one could make it stop.  He was very anxious and men started hammering boards on the windows, the doors, and the extra rooms, so nothing could come in or out.  I asked who they thought it was.  He said they didn’t know but people still disappeared. 

I stepped aside to watching them.  A gentle being approached me, and told me he wanted to help me hide, he took me into the kitchen, it was dark but I could still see. He told me to kneel and hide with him so they wouldn't catch me.  I felt gratitude that I could be with someone who wanted to be friendly and became very quiet and still.  We heard noises, screams, people running, and saw strange beings. They ran very fast, mean, and they chased people.  We cowered as one of the beings passed through the kitchen with a woman over his shoulder.  His head looked like a reptile, walking erect, like a man but hunched over to compensate for the weight of the woman he was carrying.  The gentle being that I was with asked if I wanted to see where they were being taken, so I said okay.  He took me to a very dark space.  It wasn’t around here because the sky was deep black.  We went to a place that appeared to have brown rolling hills.  There was fiery red against the black and brown. !

We hid, and with his finger he told me to look.  I saw a huge bronze wave swaying back and forth.  I didn’t understand what it was.  He took me closer to see better but it looked like a mass of something, running in terror back and forth in unison trying to get away from something I couldn’t see.  They beings were running for their lives, but couldn’t get away.  I became afraid.  The next moment I found myself sitting in grandma's living room and it was evening. 

There was an episode at grandma’s house which was not a dream.  At about seven I went outside as usual to play in the yard.  She had a tiny little creek running by her house and one day as I was passing it, I noticed something weird in the water.  There was a fine, white filmy figure lying in the bottom of the creek but the white milky figure would only flow with the movement of the water.  But the figure just laid there as if it were anchored to the ground.  The figure had a head, two arms, a torso, legs, and feet.  I didn't understand what it was but after telling my grandmother about it, she had it filled in with dirt.

My mother took me back to California at about nine years old.  I don’t remember much about that time frame but remember when I was told my step-grandfather died.  The family was going to Arizona to his funeral but I did not want to go.  She said she would be gone a couple of days, and allowed me to stay.  While she was away I had a strange dream.  In the vast darkness, I saw a house and it looked like Grandma’s house, so I went in to see who or what was there.  The kitchen was very bright and the kitchen windows showed a deep blackness outside.  I saw my uncles and aunts running in and out of the house and looked very anxious.  They told me that they were back (?) and they were trying to get away before it was too late.  There were lizard beings running very fast around and around the house, trying to bash into the house.  I became afraid and wanted to leave also but was afraid they would see me and take me as well.  Suddenly I was alone in the house and knew I didn’t have much time.  But suddenly my step-grandpa came out from the dark.  I told him about the strange men that were trying to break into the house.  He told me he wasn’t afraid, that he would distract them so I could have a chance to run away.  He opened the door and yelled to get their attention as I ran as fast as I could away from the house into the darkness, then I awoke. 
Have many nose bleeds when I was ten.  Have been found walking into the fields by my mother when I was about eleven. 

I got older, got married and there were fewer strange dreams.  But I remember in one dream where I found myself lying on an aluminum bed (like a slab that dead people are laid on) waiting (with other people) in a small dark room, with a thin cover sheet.  There was an open door and I could see there was an extremely lit hallway (almost too bright).  There were beings who wore cloaks with hoods that would come into the room to check on us.  They wouldn't talk to anyone but I was curious and would try to start a conversation with them but they made no effort to talk to me.  Don’t remember the rest of the dream. 

One of my last dreams, I remember lying on a slab bed again, and in the same dark room (with the door ajar and brightly lit hallway).  I was alone; a being in a cloak came into check on me.  Again I was curious. I asked why he was wearing a cloak.  Why couldn't I see his face?  He told me it was so I wouldn't get scared.  I replied that hardly anything scared me, and dared him to remove his hood.  He stopped at the end of my slab, looked at me and took off his hood.  I woke up screaming from pure terror.  Don't remember the face.

Am now 58 years old and my strange dreams are less and less.  But two months ago I had a dream that included the reptile beings.  In the dream I entered into an office where there was a large executive table with people sitting there waiting (?).  A reptile being encountered me and started to ask questions.  I didn’t want to answer because he was talking very intimidating towards me, almost like he was losing his temper because I wasn’t answering his questions.  I didn’t want to answer because it would mean that I was associating with the Devil.  However, another reptile being came out from around the office and I felt that he came into the office because he didn’t want the other reptile being to scare me.  It felt like he was a managerial superior, and the other reptile left me with him.  It felt like they were performing a “bad cop, good cop” scenario.  One of the last questions the “good cop” reptile asked me was at what age I wanted to die.  I was dumbfounded and didn’t know what to say.  As I turned around at the people at the table, one after the other told me the ages they had chosen to die and to be careful to pick the right age. 

This is rare for me to tell anyone about my dreams because of fear of being called delusional.  Maybe you can use it to help someone.  As a child growing up in the 1950’s, we were poor and uneducated.  Through maturity and education, I am coming out hoping for the best.  All I knew is that the reptiles were mean, impersonal and antisocial. There are many possible causes for emotional and physical distress, because of family dysfunction but am answering some of your questions on your website. I’ve always heard buzzing sounds but have learned to live with it.  Use to always wake up with nose bleeds.  Have had hard sinus problems in North Carolina for many years.  Keep feeling I'm supposed to accomplish something but don't know what. 

Thank you for your time.  This is not a joke, felt compelled to tell someone.


 name = MJ
Comments:  I am a 55 year old female, and I am certain that from approximately age 4 I have been contacted, abducted and tracked for most of my life. I do have a lot of memory (conscience) of these events. I don't like them but I can't forget them. I would be happy to tell you. In answer to some of the questions below: from age 4 on I've been abducted, not willingly, beginning with one then there was always 2 or 3 because of my resistance. I experienced severe nose bleeds most of my childhood accompanied by severe horrible migraine headaches on a weekly basis. Was told by doctors that it’s my eyes, I’m squinting or I have bad vision. I have memories of those that abducted me. Memories of the craft and its inside, on many occasions woke up at night, outside my house as a child, no memory of how or why, this continued into my adult life and has followed me regardless of where I have lived. I have "group" abduction memories, memories of "owls" outside my window, those are horribly scary because of what follows, and I could go on quite a bit. I'd be happy to write it all down if you like. I've NEVER let anyone know. I will tell you in honesty, since I can remember, I don't feel like I belong on this planet, among humans. I am not saying I'm better than anyone. I just have an enormous amount of difficulty interacting and relating to people. All people. Including my parent, and my brother. It’s been a lonely way to go. 


name = CH
Comments:  It started as a child. My mom when she was alive hinted to me I was unlike my other brothers and sisters. She told me in time I would understand. She told me this after a few days of me watching three UFOs over the treetops in Tennessee. Later I started having dreams of being on board, being taught things. I started noticing I was waking up with muddy feet if it was wet outside. I had tracked mud into the house and into bed many times. I have many times awaken outside or in other rooms. I was also under ground with them. They gave me three beautiful large crystals. I remember putting them under the bed. When I awoke I looked under the bed and there they were. A long story, days later they were gone.


I was in the Marine Corps and they did lots of testing on me. At first they didn't tell me anything. Later one of the naval doctors started answering some of my questions. My blood structure he told me was unlike any they had ever seen. It was unlike anything in their data base. Mine was a first.


In the early days my dream-like happenings did not involve any military personnel at all. Now many times they do also involve military along with or without ETs. I see lots of UFOs - a crazy amount! Once in 1981 I was with friends and a UFO came down within about 200 yards of us. They mentally asked me if was ready to go. I said "no I have not suffered enough yet!" That answer spooked me, but it was my mental response. Long story..., but they started to leave and I didn't want them to. So I asked them to stay for as long as I could watch if possible. They immediately stopped and hovered as I asked. My three friends were terrified. So they talked me into leaving with them.


In 2009 I stopped counting after about 115 UFO sightings. I do have a few pictures, even after my place was searched. A CIA person talked with me. The first time for 6 hours straight. They know somewhat of what is going on. They also erased a 250 gig hard drive in my computer where I stored all my UFO pictures and video footage. They at times play like they are nice and sneak into my place while I'm at work. I have dreams of being with military personnel and ETs. Sometimes I wake up with unknown reasons for burns or scratches. In one supposed dream last year I awoke with my right hand very swollen. In my dream the Aliens had my wife, which they were not suppose too. Like it was a prior agreement between us. In which they had broken. They reassured me she would be okay. Then took her off to another area of the ship to where I could not see her. This angered me. I broke some of their equipment while striking it with my right hand. It was this hand that was swollen and bruised for 3 months. Also after this supposed dream my wife was vomiting for 3 days. Not just a little, but to the extreme. I didn't explain my dream to her, but she acted like it was my fault she was vomiting etc. Then abruptly leaves me! She left me while I was at work without a hint of what she was going to do. She now works and lives in Las Vegas. She took off in April of 2009. My wife was a total UFO non-believer so she said, until March 28th, 2009 when I got her to come outside to see a UFO with small blue orbs circling it. I have a picture of it with a negative.
*** My whole life is just full of strange odd happenings. I have had people try to put me under for regression, but I do not go under. I've had people try to hypnotize me etc., it doesn't work on me or at least not yet. Maybe there is just a simple mental block that you folks may know that will work on me? Sorry if what I wrote is confusing or jumping from one thing to another. I've had so much happen to me it is like a flood of information to pick from as I write. As I listened on Coast to Coast am, my tears just streamed down my face. People just don't know. I also have this insatiable desire for self-defense, so I have become very good at several martial arts. I may not fit every category, but with so much strange things in my life history, I have come to expect this as normal for me. I lead a separate life and I understand what's normal for others and for me as well. There are things I will never tell anyone. Of course never say never.


 name = WS

Comments:  UFO siting at US Air Force radar site. I, like Niara Isley, was stationed at an Air Force auto-track radar site. I was a radar tech. AFSC 30353.  We tracked a UFO at close range after it had been hovering above an underground missile silo in South Dakota. I have also had missing time and other things happen ever since.


 name = L

Comments:  Vermont 1975 me and friend had three orange globes come to us and stop the car. The car sped up to 80 mile per hours by itself. Were taken against our will. We prayed when we got back in the car and said that only God saved us. We threw up violently. I made it home driving and her mother yelled at us for being 3 hours late. We threw up there as well on the street by my Camaro. Later followed by helicopters. Then a flying saucer? Came to us at work and went back and forth to work for a week. The radio documented the saucer? Or weird thing following us in the sky for a week during the day. The radio said it was from Canadian some aircraft they were testing as usual. After that I was hounded for several years with MIBS and copters and a visiting alien MIBs at work which most of them died of cancer suddenly. I could write my own book but I am afraid that my life would be ruined. Since I have gotten older and past the age a menopause, I haven’t been bothered at all. Nothing, nadda.


 name = MD

Comments:  I have reason to believe that the majority of the questions you have posted here on your site relate to me. I've never had psychotherapy regarding this, and I am worried about ridicule from my family because they know nothing about my experiences. Things happened to me, but I don't entirely understand it all and need help from others who have been through similar situations.

Sometimes I want to learn all I can about UFO's, but then other times, I get so scared that I want to run and hide. I try to hide, but know that I can't do so.

There were men in black suits too that tried to silence me, an old hag that would drag me off to different places, a woman with grey skin and long black hair took me to a red, dusty place, I was visited by a little girl named Rita that had red hair and grey skin and I saw birds fly out of a bathroom mirror when I was four years old.

I'd seen a UFO in a dream one time too. First it lit up the sky through a cloud or something because I saw it through a wooded area. Then this brightly lit saucer popped out through this cloud and swirled around and I tried to get away from it. I got back into my apartment, but it followed me there. It wouldn't leave me alone, even when I tried to ignore it.

This ship came from Montana, but I don't know what that means. I just know that I couldn't get away from it! I get the creeps just writing about it now!

Well, then the next thing that happened was I wound up back outside of my apartment building. How I got out there, I don't know. It was just that I had been floating above the parking lot, held in place by a beam of white light.

I saw this small hole that I knew would be too small for me to fit into. As I got closer to the hole, it lit up rather brightly. It hurt when I moved through it.

Once inside this crazy ship, I told them that my parents would get upset if they knew I was gone from my bed. I was told "We'll send you back home when we are finished." I did not see the face of the person speaking to me, but the voice was audible.

The floor of the craft was silvery-grey and the table they placed me on was metallic, cold and hard. They placed their hands into my body, and I could feel the pain of their hands moving through my skin. I don't recall any needles though.

These beings were lime green and had small, beady eyes. They were skinny and scaly looking, with shiny skin. Their heads were somewhat smaller than their broad shoulders. Their arms were long and wiry.

As I laid there on that table, I looked up to see metal slats in the ceiling. There was one whole wall of the ship that was a bright neon orange square.

Other times, even when I was two to three years of age, that I recall seeing many different things. Sometimes flying saucers would fly out of open closet doors. Sleeping at night was impossible! I'd always have my parents make sure the doors were locked tight so they wouldn't get in the place. What always bothered me was how they'd get in with things locked up like that.

I get psychic, intuitive and prophetic impressions about things and people. This especially happens with the weather. I've even had prophetic dreams involving earthquakes and volcanic eruptions as well!

There's more that I want to write about, but it would turn into a book all on its own!


 name = JB

Comments:  A few times in my life I did see UFO(s). I am now 52 years old. When I was around 10, we (my parents and I) were on a major highway. Many other cars also with us. We together saw a light ahead at some distance. It would wax bright then dimmer. Then it would go bright and split into two lights, again separately but synchronized together. Then they merged back to one light. This repeated several times. It was heading east on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Around 1967 or 68.

Another time I was about 13-14 years old. Summer time and I was very late. Sitting on the front porch of my house around 3 am with my dog. The dog became agitated. Then looking up and to my right, just above the cloud bottom, was a greenish light, it was gliding north to south over the town of Carlisle, PA. I could see that it seemed to be rather large maybe 100 yards or more across. It seemed to be round with flared and pointed wing tips. It was gliding without any sound.

Then again about 5-6 years ago, my wife had just gone to bed. I stepped outside and looked straight up at the stars. I usually do this because I like to see the stars. Directly straight up was a regular star. To the right of the star and left of the star were two other stationary lights, very high. One would move to the bottom of the star and seemed to flash two trails in front like firing a weapon at the other. The other would dart back 90 degrees. Then the first retreated again to the right of the star. The other then would advance and again seemed to fire on the first, which would reverse 90 degrees. I watched this "game" for about 10 minutes. I went to get my wife but she was sleeping and did not want to come out. I went back out and looked, and they were still doing the same maneuvers. I continued to watch for another 5 minutes or so…. Not at any time, did I experience an altered state, or missing time, nor anything else weird. I was not asleep, but wide awake and fully conscience the entire time(s).Thanks.

name = RB

Comments:  My first UFO sighting was in 1988 over Catalina Islands. I was ten years old and grew up in Malibu, CA. My father was in the FBI, and often told me stories about secret projects, UFO's, Aliens, etc. I clearly remember my "dreams" of visiting far off planets, and interacting with humanoids from somewhere else. This went on for about 3 years prior to my UFO sighting. However, shortly after my UFO sighting, I became aware of something extraordinary when I woke up paralyzed and saw a tall being at the foot of my bed. At first I thought it might've been a spirit/ghost, but there was an unusual smell and vibe I've never felt before. I was frightened, but then a sense of calmness came over me. The next thing I remember I woke up sweating. So I drew and wrote what I saw. I've been seeking for the "truth" since my experiences. Also, I'd like to add that my father committed suicide in 2007. I believe he might've known too much.


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Comments:  I have had two particularly notable encounters with what I believe were extraterrestrials that occurred on two separate nights forty-eight hours apart in November 1977.

With regard to the first encounter I was awakened by a sharp pain in my left foot. I found that I was on my back—normally I sleep on my sides—and that two ‘beings’ about four feet tall stood at the foot of my bed. I was not altogether awake and most of my body felt paralyzed. But I could raise my head enough to see them and also to see that my room was full of a very dim grayish-blue light. As I began to plead with the two beings to stop causing me pain one of them made a reply that I 'heard' only in my mind, “You will not be harmed; everything will be all right.” A few seconds later I was asleep again. When I woke up later that night I was shaking from head to foot and felt nearly traumatized. I rarely have nightmares and they never cause me anywhere near the level of distress I experienced that night. When I do have a nightmare I wake up relieved that it was a nightmare; but not this time.

For several months I did not know what had caused me to react in this way.

The second incident occurred two nights later. I awoke in my bed and on my back again to find something that looked like a transparent box with colored lights moving around in it lying on top of my chest. The thing there was causing me moderate pain deep in my chest. A moment later I was asleep again.

Several months later I was able to recall what had happened to me on those two nights. Before that, in December of 1977, I had taken up oil painting. I was not a good painter and was not at first aware of why I had taken this up as a hobby. But I gradually began to realize that the things I was putting on canvas were related to whatever was driving me to paint in the first place. One afternoon in February of 1978 I started a painting and soon went into a trancelike state and remained in it for about two hours. When I came out of it I found that the sun had set and it was almost dark. When I focused on what I had painted I found that I had painted a portrait of the two aliens that had stood at the foot of my bed back in November. I painted their joint portrait as I saw them that night, standing side by side and from the waist up.

I have had other ‘encounters,’ but those two nights’ visitations were particularly notable in the sense of how much I was able to recall of each one.


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