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     One of the most extraordinary events of my life occurred in June 1991, approximately 20 miles north of downtown Sedona, Arizona. Having driven all day from California with my friend, Pamela, we were exhausted and decided to stop for the night before heading the next morning to the vortexes of Sedona for a hiking adventure. We had been driving south on 89A in a moonless, pitch black night chose to pull into the first site we could find - Banjo Bill Park in Oak Creek Canyon. The park was a rustic picnic area with ten or twelve small clearings with picnic tables and fire grills. There was no electricity or other facilities available, other than an outhouse. It well past dusk and grounds were deserted except for the two of us. There were no lights and the only sound that could be heard was the water rippling along a nearby creek. We retired shortly thereafter to the two sleeping bags laid out in the back of my van.

     Prior to retiring for the night, we had emptied the van of all our camping equipment and personal belongings, setting everything upon the picnic table at the end of the van. Those items included an ice chest, lantern, chairs, food and our personal belongings containing clothing and toiletries. We built a small fire in the metal grill and sat talking under the stars until about 11:00 P.M., during which the whole time I had an uncomfortable feeling that we were being watched.

     We retired to our sleeping bags and, sometime after midnight, I was awakened by noises outside of the van that sounded like people walking around the vehicle. Concerned about being in an isolated area, I heard a click and sat up quickly, straining to hear more clearly. Four or five seconds later, the back door of the van abruptly swung open, activating the interior lights and temporarily blinding me. It took a few more seconds for my vision to adjust, when I clearly saw a long, thin, grey arm and hand with three fingers and a thumb reaching toward me. The tip of each of the fingers appeared to be indented as if to create a suction cup.

     Terror and adrenaline shot through me, and I momentarily lost consciousness. The next thing I knew, I was standing outside at the end of the van with the open overhead door clearly illuminating the immediate area around me. I believe I lost less than a minute of time. As I stood there, my body felt stiff and my arms hung straight along my sides. I was completely paralyzed and unable to move. My chin was tucked to my chest and I could not raise my head which limited my vision from slightly below my shoulders to the ground, with a circumference of perhaps ten feet. At the time, I had no knowledge of the Greys, therefore, I believed what I was seeing was two bald children with large heads, standing three or four feet tall, one on each side of me. I also sensed a much taller and more powerful presence standing in front of me, but I was unable to see it. Suddenly, I felt my bare feet raise up from the ground several inches. I noted that the children had placed their cupped hands directly beneath, but not touching mine. I knew we were moving slowly along the ground as I could see it moving beneath my feet. Off to the side, but still within my circumference of vision, I could see other little children around us and following, and off in the bushes to the side as well. Frantically trying to analyze the situation I found myself in, I believe on some level I knew the beings were not children, but it served to help calm my hysteria. As we moved along, it became quite dark for a while, but eventually the path we were on grew slowly brighter due to an extremely bright light ahead of us in the distance that was apparently flooding the ground. As we went along, I could feel something hitting my face, but I was far less concerned about that than I was my destination. Then I blacked out entirely.

     When I regained consciousness, it felt as though I was being dropped back into the van through the roof abruptly. I slightly bounced upon the top of my sleeping bag and immediately looked at my watch; it was 3:30 A.M. I tried desperately to reason with myself, but I could not shake the insane feeling that they were coming back to get me again to experiment with me sexually. I could not recall that anything, even vaguely similar to the event of that night, had ever happened to me before. This would be the beginning of many more years of conscious contact with non-human entities. I would also learn that similar contacts had happened during my childhood and also throughout my father's life.  

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