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Nadine Lalich

      Along with a long career in the legal field, Nadine has also avidly studied and researched a variety of subjects related to health and healing


personal and spiritual growth, and techniques for healing trauma and addiction. Her fascination for the human mind and the nature of consciousness led her to the practice of meditation and the exploration of sound and light for brainwave entrainment. Trained as a Science of Mind practitioner, her interest in quantum physics, the nature of reality and manifestation brought diversity to her studies, fostering a unique perspective that has proven useful in exploring contact experiences.

            Nadine has written two books on the subject of extraterrestrial contact – Evolution: Coming to Terms with the ET Presence, and Alien Experiences - 25 Cases of Close Encounter (coauthored by psychotherapist Barbara Lamb). Nadine appeared in the New Paradigm Films’ documentary, The Day before Disclosure and Discovery Channel’s Best Evidence. She has been a guest on numerous radio shows and a featured speaker for various MUFON chapters. Her articles appear regularly in JAR Magazine Journal of Abduction Research.

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