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             elcome to HB, the website of Nadine Lachance. I am an author, researcher, and an advocate for causes committed to the healing, transformation and just treatment of  humanity, animals and our precious Earth.  The books, articles and merchandise you will find on this site have either been created by myself or by others whose work I admire.


          In the world today we see a growing lack of emotional and psychological balance in humanity, and particularly in political and corporate leaders who are power-hungry and focused on insatiable material gain at any cost. If we hope to ever heal and find the path to wholeness, we must first individually explore our own state of being. We must release the pain and conditioning of the past and build a more wholesome perspective that will allow us to make healthy, more compassionate choices.  

           As my own path of discovery and evolution unfolds, I will  continue to share what I find along the way. It is small contribution that I hope may be of use to someone else struggling to transform their own lives and improve the condition of the world.

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